Out There on Grand Mother’s Web….Dream Weaver Show next week 11/13/14

Running in the Moon Light!I guess being a Dream Weaver, you have to expect that there are times when the gossamer threads of time and space become entangled and sacred time and linear time are woven together in unexpected and magical ways!  This is the case today!  I am out there in an alternate reality bouncing around on Grand Mother Spiders web! Our Dream Weaver Show is not until next Thursday, November 13th. Well…. now you have a week to catch your dreams and call in to share them! Please mark your calendars for 3:00 PM and tune in to KSVY 91.3 FM on November 13th!

Have a great Full Moon magical night to night! Take a Full Moon run with your allies!  Especially here in the Valley of the Moon, where the mystery is a foot! Speaking of Mystery…

I was at a powerful ceremony on Sunday with Arkan Lushwala  a Peruvian Healer and writer who is visiting from New Mexico. He is the author of a beautifully written book called The Time of the Black Jaguar.  You will find it to be a deep offering for these times we’re living in. In a discussion about what is Pachamama, which is a word used by our indigenous family from Peru, Ecuador and other indigenous people of the Andes.  Pachamama was described as the “pregnant void.” It is a state of being,  an open space in which we birth into our lives that which lives in the potentiality of Pachamama!

At this time of the full moon in Taurus what are you birthing into form?  What is informing your choices and intent?  In the time/space of Pachamama, who are you becoming now? What are you holding as precious and sacred in your world?  What dream are you dreaming in the pregnant void of possibility for your life?

Spiraling into the Center, the Center of the Wheel, Spiraling into the Center, the Center of the Wheel….We are the Weaver’s, We are the Woven One’s, We are the Dreamers, We are the Dream!

Hope you will mark your calendar’s and tune into the Dream Weaver Show, the second Thursday of the Month at 3:00pm PST



~ by Earth Dance Circle on November 7, 2014.

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