I Am Spring Out of Winter’s Death

I am Spring Out of Winter’s Death                              Image Meinrad Craighead

I am the first door,
eye in the flower,
orifice: entry or escape?

I lie deepest in the oldest seas;
I lift highest in everlasting hills.

In the night silence (half of all enduring time),
out of the bowels of sound,
I hear all the weeping,
uneven sounds from my own uterine world,
the natal hum
soft as ears and
eyelids, pollen and the passing of bats.
All sound rolls over me.

I am open in endless giving;
I am gorged with all gathering.
I will never be emptied of either.

All choice lies at my breast:
I am release and restraint,
grace and struggle,
healing and corruption,
sweetness and bitterness.

Each seed moves inward to my power
into the hole in every hour
wet with intimacy.
I measure
scattered seed and rotting dead,
embryo and fossil.
I mount the wheel (abiding resurrection)
and rise with the first turning of the year.

Happy Vernal Equinox

We have reached the point of balance on our journey around the Sun!  The hours of light and darkness are equal…We are asked to consider; what is the balance of these ever shape-shifting forces within ourselves? We are called to accept and honor both our light and our shadow!  May we find balance in our inner and outer life.

This is a great time to give the wheel a spin!  We seek council, allowing the potency of nature and synchronicity to inform who we are becoming at this next great turning.  A Circle of Life Reading can assist in illuminating the forces at work that are present to assist in awakening greater clarity!  What are you giving birth to as you step across the threshold of Spring?

Call to set up a time out of time!   A Circle of Life Reading is sure to support and illuminate the question that is alive in you!  There is no better time than Spring, the place of new beginnings to consult the oracle as a  fair witness to the unfolding Sacred Dream of your life!

Call Teresa Rousseau 707-939-0844  I look forward to seeing you!


~ by Earth Dance Circle on March 21, 2014.

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